Telemedicine Consent and Refund Policy
1. I authorize to allow me/the patient to participate in a telemedicine (videoconferencing) service through Re3aya247 site.
2. The type of service to be provided by via telemedicine is my chosen doctor and specialty. I am responsible on choosing these correctly. Wrong choices of provider, wrong choice of specialty or type of services do not attract any refund.
3. I understand that this service is not the same as a direct patient / healthcare provider visit. I have the free will to go in person to any provider of my choice if I wanted.
4. I understand that parts of my/the patient are care and treatment which require physical tests or examinations may not be conducted using the telemedicine healthcare.
5. I understand that there are potential risks to the use of this technology, including but not limited to interruptions, poor connections, and technical difficulties. The quality of connections depend on my / service provider connection via a third party and hence Re3aya247 site is not responsible for such difficulties.
6. It is the responsibility of the telemedicine provider or me to conclude the service upon termination of the videoconference connection. I am aware that either the healthcare provider or I can discontinue the telemedicine service and the videoconferencing connections at anytime. Re3aya is not responsible on the consequence of termination of session by either the patient or the service provider.
7. I understand that the telemedicine session will not be audio or video recorded at any time. However, information about timing of the session will be stored securely.
8. I agree to permit my/the patient’s healthcare information to be shared with the healthcare provider or the insurance for the purpose of scheduling and billing.
9. When the telemedicine service is being used during an emergency, I understand that it is my responsibility as a patient to call emergency services. Neither Rea3aya nor the healthcare provider will assume responsibility for necessary care and treatment in emergencies.
10. I/the patient understand(s) that my/the patient’s insurance will be billed by both the healthcare provider and the telemedicine provider (re3aya) for telemedicine services. I/the patient understand(s) that if my insurance does not cover telemedicine services I/the patient will be billed directly by both the local healthcare provider and the telemedicine healthcare provider (re3aya) for the provision of telemedicine services.
11. My/the patient’s consent to participate in this telemedicine service shall remain in effect for the duration of the specific service identified above, or until I revoke my consent.
12. I/the patient agree that there have been no guarantees or assurances made about the results of this service. You will not be able to claim any refund based on satisfaction or personal opinion about the quality of care provided. However, you will be able to reflect this on your comments about the healthcare provider.
13. Concluded telemedicine services from Re3aya 247 are not refundable. At any time, Re3aya 247 reserves the right to refuse a refund; we believe that you have received a service from its platform. If you are not entirely satisfied with service from Re3aya 247 you can contact our customer services to discuss your concerns. We will review your request, and will generally notify you via email or phone of the results within two to ten working days. If still not satisfied, you have the right to launch a grievance with your bank or credit card provider regarding any disputed refund. This will be investigated thoroughly by our team and your bank or credit card provider.
14. Refunds will only be paid by Bank Transfer (no cash and no cheques). We will not issue any refunds unless customers provide their correct Bank account or credit card details. Refund can take up to twenty one working days to be credited back.
15. I/the patient acknowledge the telemedicine program’s no-show policy which states that I/the patient may incur charges from the telemedicine provider or Re3aya if I did not show for my telemedicine appointments, without prior contact to the scheduling staff. This applies on individual basis according to each service provider.
16. I confirm that I have read and fully understand both the above and the Telemedicine service and I comply with the policies and procedures of this service and those of Re3aya 247.
17. I understand that In the case of persons under the age of 18 using the service, the parent or legal guardian should grant consent for treatment and the use of the service.