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Dr.Ahmed Riad

Specialist in Oral Medicine and Dentistry Master of Neurology and Teaching Assistant ....

Dr.Majed Wadih

Consultant of oral and dental diseases and a teacher at the Canadian University

Dr.Omar Nagy

Consultant and doctor of maxillofacial surgery and a teacher at the University of mus ....

Dr.Manar Yassin

Oral and dental specialist and master combinations fixed and mobile and dental implan ....

Dr.Mohamed Alaa

Specialist oral and dental treatment of gums

Dr.Walid Al Ansari

Specialist of oral diseases and orthodontics

Dr.Amany Zeinhom

Specialist of oral diseases and orthodontics

Dr.Dr. Nasser Mohammed Saleem

Consultant of deformities, fractures and orthopedic surgery

Dr.Ali Mohamed Kamel El Hawary

Consultant dermatologist and male diseases

Dr.Jamal Al Jazzar

Consultant of endocrinology, sugar and endocrine glands

Dr.Amr Mohamed Hassan

Consultant ENT